Frequently Asked Questions for Support Staff

What will I be doing?

We will need to have staff to assist perform tasks such as:

When do I need to work?

We will need volunteers during the times:

We also need some volunteers to help stuff bags a few days before Seattle GiveCamp. We hope you can stay flexible and work when we need you but we will also try to work around your needs. You may also want to view the agenda page.

Can I work the event in a supporting role and volunteer as a techie?

No. We need you to support the tech volunteers and we will have enough techies who paid to participate.

When will the shifts be assigned?

Yes. We will contact you about picking a shift within a week prior to the event.

Where do I go?

See location page. Expect an email regarding details a day or two before the event.

Will I be fed?

Absolutely. See agenda page for info on meal times. You may need to wait until you have served others but there should be plenty of food for you.

Do I get a t-shirt and a bag?

Yes! You will get the same goodies that the tech volunteers get. (Unless, we run out of stuff, but that is unlikely.)

What if I have additional questions?

You can email us at with any additional questions.